Does Your Aging Dog Need a New Diet and Lifestyle?

German Shephred Dog

Your dog will eventually get old. Actually, a lot faster than you are yourself. Aging comes with its challenges too. However, that does not mean that it is over for your dog when it comes to being able to live a healthy and happy life still. As your dog ages, is a change of lifestyle and diet necessary? As a matter of fact, it is. It will get to a point where your dog will no longer be able to participate in play as he used to when he was one year old. 

That said, the following are the things that you will be forced to change when your dog gets old. 

1. Diet

As our dog ages, his dietary needs change too. For one, the older he gets, the slower he becomes. What does that mean? Your dog will stop playing as often as he did. With that, his rate of metabolism will also become slow. The chances of your dog adding weight at this point are very high. Weight gain is not healthy as he could end up being obese: which comes with many other health issues. For that reason, you are supposed to cut down on the amount of starch he is taking. 

Also, you need to feed your dog with foods that have a high moisture content. Why? As he ages, the ability of his body to balance water decreases. Vitamins are also great for keeping diseases away. Consider feeding him a nutritional diet for remarkable health.

2. Provide your dog with a comfortable bed

If your dog used to comfortably lie on your concrete floors that are bound to change as he gets older. Why? When your dog ages, he is likely to suffer ailments that come with old age. Some of the ailments include arthritis and muscle stiffness. What that tells you is that your dog will start having issues with moving fast and you will be required to be patient with him. On the other hand, a more comfortable bed will do him a great favor. Warmer blankets and softer beddings will be perfect.

3. Grooming

You will be required to change the way you groom your dog too. You will need to do away with the regular dog shampoo and find one that will help moisturize your dog’s fur and skin. When a dog gets older, his body starts producing less natural oils. As a result, his skin and hairs end up being dry, which can cause itchiness. Grooming products that will help in keeping his body supple and moisturized will really come in handy.

4. Change the way you communicate

With time, you will notice that your dog is not responding to commands as fast as he used to. This could be because he is gradually losing his hearing ability. Instead of using voice commands, you should start training him using non-verbal cues.

A change in a dog’s lifestyle and diet as he grows old is detrimental. However, there are things that you can do at the initial stages to make his retirement better. That is feeding him with healthy food to prevent diseases which might take a toll on him in old age. Also, as you train him, it is essential to include non-verbal commands in the routine. This will come in handy when your dog gets old and starts losing his hearing ability. It is also advisable that you always keep in touch with a veterinarian so that you may be given a guide on how to take care of your dog in old age.

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