Cat Food Storage Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Make


To keep your pet healthy and strong, it counts the consumption you allow them to consume. While it is one thing to be careful about the nutritionally balanced diet for your cat, also the way you handle and store the food once you have it at home can make a big difference in your cat’s health. Here are several cat food storage mistakes you don’t want to be making:

DON’T Keep Cat Food Past Expiration Date

As a rule of thumb, no food should be kept past the expiry date. There is a reason why manufacturers put up an expiration date for products. Do not take any risks with testing the limits of expired foods. For one, they may cause food poisoning due to bacteria contamination, preservatives gone wrong, mold growing due to humidity buildup, to mention a few. Identify the “best by” or “use by” dates on the food bag, and stick by them.

DON’T Throw Away the Original Packaging

Once you buy food from the store, you may have some reusable storage containers you prefer emptying the remaining food into, to make storing and organizing rather easier in your home. However, it is wise if you keep the original packaging of the food. Most pet food manufacturers design the food bags in such a way to preserve the freshness of the cat food for as long as possible. Also, with the cat food packaging, you reserve the crucial information necessary for food storage, including the expiration date, and batch code.

DON’T Expose Cat Food to Air

Once you open the cat food packaging, the bag has room to invite as much air as possible. Air and humidity are favorable conditions that help speed up the degradation of foods, not to mention, allow for bacterial contamination, including Salmonella. Ideally, after every feeding, ensure that even though you retain the original packaging of the food, you seal it properly to prevent any air and humidity from getting in.

DON’T Store Cat Food in Sunlight

Most packaged, and canned products come with the restriction of exposure to sunlight. If it would be inappropriate to place your body products in direct exposure to sunlight, how much more would it be for cat food? Ideally, avoid storing food in the sun because it can elevate temperatures and humidity inside, particularly when the food is still in the packaging bags.

DON’T Mix Old Food with New food

What if after several servings, you still have some cat food remaining in the storage bins? When it’s that time of the month or week that you bring in your shopping, do not be in a rush to store all your cat food in one place. When you mix the old and new food, you are breaking the rule of sticking by the expiry dates. Additionally, the old bag could have some bacteria already growing inside, and by mixing them, you transfer the bacteria from one bag to the other. The worst bit is that you will spoil both the old and new food because of mixing them.

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