Grooming: Cats & Dogs

Some animals are more welcoming to the idea of being groomed than others, but all require grooming for health and hygiene.

Unlike a dog, a cat’s coat requires more care but is not advised that you bathe them too frequently. Long-haired cats, in particular, require regular brushing because they have more hair to brush. This not only removes mats and tangles before they become painful and problematic (which may lead to infections), but it also keeps their coats healthy by removing dirt and distributing skin oils uniformly throughout the fur.

Regular grooming is an important component of pet care and you want to make sure you do it well in the first place. Here we are sharing some basic home grooming ideas for dogs and cats, as well as products we recommend for grooming that you might want to consider. Happy Reading!

Alert: These are basic groom tips. For a more serious condition, we strongly advise you to visit your veterinarian.