How to Choose Grooming Products for Your Dog


To make sure that your dog is groomed correctly, you need to see to it that you use the right grooming products. This is mainly if you prefer grooming your pooch at home as the two of you bond over shampoo. How do you ensure that you are using the right grooming products on your dog? The following is a guide on choosing the right grooming products for your dog.

Brushes and Combs

Yes! You heard right! Not all combs and brushes are right for your dog. Note that dogs have different types of coats. Some dogs are long-haired while others are short-haired. The two different types of dogs will need to use different kinds of brushes during grooming. 

Pet Shampoo

Do not be tempted to use your shampoo on your dog. If you have to, you should consult the vet first to ascertain that it will be friendly to your dog. While choosing pet shampoo, you need to know that different dogs will require different types of shampoo. For example, if your dog is of normal skin and hair, the regular dog shampoo will do. You should consider getting a mild shampoo for the puppies as their skin tends to be more sensitive. If you notice that your dog has dry skin and hair, it would be best if you used a shampoo with a moisturizing effect. Whether or not your dog has skin problems should also be a factor to consider when choosing the right shampoo.

Nail Trimmers

You are required to take care of the claws from time to time. You need to have the right equipment for the job. There are different types of dog nail trimmers in the market. How do you know that you are taking home the right one? If your dog has thick and large nails, you will be required to work with scissor nail trimmers. Also, for this group, grinder tools will equally fit the job. 

However, if you have a liking for the smaller dogs, guillotine clippers are nail grooming tools that you will be working with as they can hold the nails in place before clipping them.

Using the right grooming tools will ensure that your grooming activities are not strenuous and you will achieve the desired results. Also, using the right products, for instance, the proper shampoo ensures that the well-being of your pet is well catered for also as you groom him. 

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