Cute and Funny Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog


The most fun part of being a pet parent is to teach your dog something new. It is like a challenge that you feel proud of at the end of the day if you can make impressive strides. Some of the dog tricks that you teach your dogs are much more than fun. You could teach him a thing or two about survival, exercise and how to cope with separation anxiety.

The best part is that it is the perfect time for you to bond with your dog. If you have no clue about the fun things that you could watch your dog learn, here are a few tips.

1. How to bark on command 

Making your dog bark on command is something that will impress your fellow dog owners. However, you need to note that this is a trick that usually best suits the more advanced dogs. For instance, a guard dog. By teaching him how to bark on command, he can always alert you when a stranger is at your door, or someone rings your bell. It is a plus for security. How do you do it? It is quite simple, but it might take some time. 

You can start by rewarding him every time he barks. Remember that barking is your dog’s way of being vocal. Therefore if he notices a pattern of being given treats for barking, he will stick to it. 

2. Shake hands

There’s nothing cuter than a dog that can do a handshake. All it takes is learning. You probably have already noticed that your dog is naturally paw. He will always stretch his paw if he wants something from you: you could turn that into a handshake. The way to a dog’s heart is by giving him treats.

It is pretty easy to teach him how to shake. What you do is enclose treats in your hands, he will be compelled to reach for them, and he will paw. While at it, you could be saying things like “shake.” In no time, he will entirely be aware of what a shake is, and he will always shake your hand anytime you want to.

3. Fetch

This is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most exciting tricks. There is something about the excitement that dogs get when something is about to be thrown for them to fetch. If you want to watch your dog wag his tail more, you should start teaching him this trick as soon as now!

This should be the easiest trick to teach your dog. Why? Well, naturally, dogs like to chase. If you throw something, they will always run after it. However, you need also to note that not all dogs will be interested in fetching.

Teaching your dog fetch will go a long way in giving you and your pup the best playtime ever.

4. Rollover

If you like a playful dog, then rolling over is something you have to teach him. The trick might seem more complicated than the fetch or hake. However, if you be consistent, it is a piece of cake. Again, you need a treat that your dog loves to have in his mouth. Hold the treat to the side of his head near the nose; he will try to reach it by rolling over. Make this repetitive until your dog can roll over by verbal cues.

Your dog can offer you the best companionship especially if you train him the fun things. Note that they are also a form of exercise and a source of happiness for your pup.

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