Dog Breeds for Senior Folks: You Need To Know

Senior Lady playing with puppy

If you are thinking to surprise your pap or nana for the new year with a puppy, it is necessary that you look into specific kinds that are suitable for the senior people. For one, you do not want to overwork senior folks with an overly active dog, while at the same time, you need to be intentional about introducing fun and some physical activity in their lives. Consider the following top dog breeds as suitable choices for your senior folk:


A Shih-Tzu is a particularly light-weight dog that is easy to carry around. Other than having an easy time lifting it, the Shih-Tzu breed of dog is flexible for playful antics that can keep a senior folk elated and appropriately physically active. The pooch is also kid-friendly breed, and since senior people also enjoy the company of kids, the Shih-Tzu is an impeccable pick.

French Bulldog

If you are looking for a small-sized, clean and easily trainable dog, then a French bulldog is a perfect choice. The French bulldog is known to be the best walking companion, which can encourage senior folks to keep up with their physical health through random strolls. Since this breed of dog is generally clean, it will be suited for people in their golden years not looking for extra duties to take up as they retire at home.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise dog is a fluffy dog that makes a perfect cuddling companion. Besides, this breed happens to be joyful and affectionate, which is what senior folks need in the prime of their lives. The dog is also light-weight and easy to lift and carry around, with an estimate of about 7-12 pounds. However, because of their fluffy coating, it matters that they are regularly groomed. Other than that, they are relatively low-maintenance, making the perfect choice for older people.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Again, companionship and affection for senior folks are key, which makes the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel another idea dog breed to consider. This kind of dog is one that prefers to be alongside the owner, as it is happiest when snuggled up and petted. Although slightly heavier than the Bichon Frise, it is also a small dog of around 11 to 18 pounds. For this one, you may need to embrace a little more grooming as such dogs require regular hair brushing, ear cleaning, among other grooming needs.


The Maltese are one of those breeds considered as the “little white lap dog.” This breed is pretty similar to the Bichon Frise dogs. By far, a Maltese is considered lighter than a Bichon Frise, in that the estimated weight ranges between 4 to 7 pounds. As senior folks are demanding a lot of attention, the Maltese breed works great as these dogs tend to be incredibly attentive and tuned in to their owners.


Lucky for you, the Pomeranian is another small dog breed that suits senior people perfectly. This pooch can even be carried in a bag because of the low weight of around 3 to 7 pounds. Like most dogs in this list, the Pomeranian also has an affectionate temperament.

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