Interesting Facts That Define the German Shepherd Dog Breed

German Shephred Dog

So many dog lovers admire the German shepherd dog. Whether you own one such dog or not, there is something fascinating about this breed of dog. Dating as far as the 188os, there are a couple of interesting details about the German shepherd dog worth noting. Get a couple of interesting insights and facts that are definitive of this type of canine pet:

MAX VON STEPHANITZ is the father of this dog

Max Von was a breeder in 1889 who took note of a wolf-like dog at a Dog show in Western Germany. He was drawn by the dog’s discipline and intelligence, and after purchasing the German shepherd and learning more about the breed, he popularized the dog as a world-class working dog.

German Shepherds are the Third Smartest Dog Breed

After continuous through research and study of the different dog breeds there are in the world, it is very conclusive today that the German shepherds are the third smartest dog breed there are. To be in the top three, it is evident that the German shepherds are excellent when it comes to taking up and understanding a new command after just five repetitions. Further, more than 95% of the times, a German shepherd dog can stick to, obey and follow the commands given by a trainer or a dog owner. You can also teach your dog to some cute and funny dog tricks to add more fun in your life

No one runs away from a German Shepherd twice

Most people have heard the phrase ‘no one runs away from a German Shepherd twice’ and taken it for granted. A German shepherd has one of the firmest bite grips, with about 238 pounds of force. If you liken that to the 86 pounds of force by a human, you can understand why you would not want to be bitten by a German shepherd. Other than being very smart and obedient to instructions, this makes part of the reason why the German shepherd breed of dogs is perfect for working as a police dog.

Muscle mass build-up

In the first two years of their life, German shepherds are very thin. However, don’t let this lure you into believing that they are small dogs. In a few months, a German shepherd builds up a lot of muscle mass, which translates to them being large and powerful dogs or approximately 50 to 90 pounds. Even though the female ones are lower on this scale, the training sessions have a lot to say about how big the dog grows up to. A well-trained female German shepherd can quickly and easily throw down a male one.

Very territorial

German shepherds are very territorial with their spaces and owners. With this over-protective nature, these animals characterize a vicious-sounding bark that can scare off any ill-motivated person in the neighborhood. This is mainly why they make the best guard dogs. The canine animals may be very loyal, loving and warm to their owners, but they can be quite aggressive with strangers. Even though training can contain the level of aggression a dog has, with German shepherds, they like to establish it early enough that the territory is not for the stranger, as a way to discourage lurking around. That said, you want to be particularly keen not to upset a German shepherd with her children because they tend to be even more over-protective.

A German shepherd is the first known guide dog

For a while, German shepherds have been relied on to walk the blind people as a guide. Because of their loyalty, over-protective nature and intelligence, they are very suited as guide dogs. It is therefore not uncommon to find dogs in the military, because of their strong-hearted will to remain loyal and protect their owners, among other reasons.

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