How to Potty Train French Bulldog?

French Bulldog

Once you become a pet owner to a French bulldog, you have to experience a couple or two poop accidents. Potty-training happens to be the hardest thing for most pet owners, whether for a puppy or a grown dog. Fortunately, the French bulldog is considered a clean breed canine animal that happens to be one of the easiest dogs there is to potty-train. That said, it could be a matter of days or weeks to get your bulldog all trained up. Here’s how to get it done:

Have a regular schedule and stick to it

Dogs are cultured through establishing timelines and habits. In whatever form of training for your dog, you must come up with a consistent approach of when, where and how things are done. To potty-train, your French bulldog, create a schedule for eating and potty times. Take your dog out for a leak at the same time every day, and feed him/her at relatively exact times in the day.

Use puppy pee pads

Much as you may have a regular schedule to stick to before your dog is trained correctly, you must anticipate some accidents. Especially when you are not around in the designated times, or even during times outside of the schedule, use the puppy pee pads to give your bulldog a place to pee when they need to go, without letting the urine mess up your floors or carpet.

Bonus tip: every time your pup poops in the house, take the feces in the appropriate potty area. Next time they want to pee, they will smell their poop and be aware of the designated potty area.

Confine your Frenchie

Any dog owner would love the privilege to train their dog, but they may not always be available for it. If you are one such dog owner, confine your bulldog in a crane for the times you cannot provide adequate supervision. Since this breed of dogs is known to be clean, you should not have too much of a mess to come back to once they are in a confined.

Learn the ‘I got to go’ signs

All animals have a way of communicating. For your French bulldog, you must be keen on their warning signs for needing to potty. Once you have that established, it becomes easy for you to reinforce the “Go Potty” command as early as possible. You can be directing them to a particular room or outside at a specific spot, every time you notice those signs.

Use treats

Appraisal works all the time when it comes to training a dog on any concept. As you try to reinforce the “Go Potty” command every time they start eliminating, use treats for the times they get it right. The appraisal should happen right when they are in the ‘right’ potty area so that they can identify the reason for the motivation.

Take a walk and form a pattern

The best potty area for a dog should be outside, so you do not always have to keep a smelly house. That said, consider taking your bulldog for a walk every day, and stopping at the same potty stop each time. This way, they become very familiar with that spot and can quickly identify it as the approved potty area.  

How to Potty Train French Bulldog?
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How to Potty Train French Bulldog?
Do you own a french bulldog and if wondering how to potty train your french bulldog? Know here some easy tips to potty train your bulldog.
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