Tips to Make Your Dog Smell Fresh

Dog with flowers

Not so good! That’s what I murmured absent-mindedly when my dog rushed towards me as I came back home that evening. I had bought a new dog a few days back, and I had just come to the realization that I would be staying with a smelly dog for a considerable part of my life. At least, that was what I concluded before I discovered ways I could keep my dog fresh all day, without literally babysitting the dog.

The odor of a smelly dog is something most people detest and is probably why some people have proposed in their hearts never to own a dog. Well, since you are a dog lover- especially small dog breeds– the portable ones, you can’t do that.

Luckily, this article would help you navigate the sea of bad odor to a shore of freshness for your dog, thereby granting you an insight into how to make your dog smell good. Ready to ride? Of course!

Bathing Your Dog To Reduce Dog Smell

Once you notice that your dog is releasing some awful odors, ask yourself when last you bathed the dog. If a dog hasn’t bathed in a while, it is natural to emit some smells.

First off, get a shampoo. And not just any shampoo, instead, go for shampoos that are formulated to get rid of odors rather than cover the dog with artificial scents. Even a medicated shampoo would be great!

Before applying the shampoo, wet your dog thoroughly.

Get some shampoo on your hands and apply it on the dog beginning from its head towards the tail- and then the rest of your dog’s body. Reach out for your dog’s ear to eliminate dog ear smell. However, be cautious during the entire process. Rinse the shampoo and stand back to let your dog shake off as much water as possible.

Dry your dog as soon as possible. And, do not leave water on your dog’s skin so as to prevent wet-dog smell.

Taking Care of Your Dog

Get Some Dog or Baby Wipes

Dirty ears are common sources of odor- but you can’t keep washing your dog throughout the day. This is why dog/baby wipes could be so useful. Wipe the ear where wax can be seen- usually dark brown color. A cotton ball could be used to wipe out fluid from the ear canal also.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Daily

In a bid to expel your dog breath smell, ensure you brush your dog’s teeth daily. This would help remove debris and dirt that are the main causes of bad odor.

Don’t Use Perfume on Your Dog

On a scale of 1-10, how ridiculous does this sound? Probably an 11! But on the serious note, perfume helps you mask your dog’s odor; and this could be a huge disadvantage for you. When the fragrances wear off, you are back to where you started- a dog with some odor issues! So, address the real problems.

Reduce Flatulence

If your dog has been taken in poor quality food and is low on essential nutrients, switch up! However, do not be instant; integrate the new meal into the former gradually, until you’ve successfully faced out the old completely! Also, do not let your dog eat from trash again- your dog urine smell might be a consequence of such actions.

Again, keep your dog fit through exercise. Running walking and physical activity, in general, is a great way of reducing flatulence.

In Conclusion

Dogs that do not smell (and are also free of dog urine smell) are very attractive and fun to be with. Since that is your wish for your dog, get on the go and take these conscious actions!

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