Pet Nutrition for a Balanced Diet: You Need to Know


Just like human beings, pets too need to eat balanced meals to stay healthy. Well, a lot of research has been done on human nutrition, but you cannot say the same for pets like dogs and cats. That, however, does not mean that everything goes. There are pet nutrition specialists working day and night to determine the kind of diets that you should be giving your pets. Below is the recommended pet nutrition for a balanced diet.

1. High Protein Content

Pet food should be high in protein content. There is, however, an exception. Pets suffering from severe health conditions that do not work with proteins can be pardoned. Why do pets need proteins? Just like in humans proteins are required for building and repairing muscles. Your dog needs proteins in his food for the growth of his fur, growth hormones and other muscle tissues. Note that protein reserves can also be used for energy. If you are going slow on starch to prevent your dog from getting obese, you need to improve on the protein you give him. Your pet still needs that extra energy for him to be able to play.

2. Low Starch

Note that pets are not supposed to eat high carb diets. While they are allowed to take carbohydrates, you should be careful not to give them too much of this. Giving your pet’s food with high starch content will put them at the risk of having digestive problems and weight gain. Also, they are at a higher risk of getting diabetes.

3. High moisture content

Pet nutrition is considered balanced if it has high moisture. How much is enough? Seventy percent moisture should be okay.  Note that dry foods contain a moisture content of only 6 percent which is not good for your pet. More so, dry food is not good for your pet’s diet.

Take this for instance; how often do you take water from a glass? The chance is high that you are mostly not motivated. Well, the thing is, it is even worse for the pets. They are less likely to take water from the bowl. Therefore, you should find other ways in which they can get water for their bodies. Furthermore, water is needed to enhance the absorption of the food they take.

4. Nutritionally Balanced Kibble

If you are going for commercial pet food, you should ensure that it is balanced. It should contain low starch, vitamins, and proteins. You should also check the moisture content to affirm that it is at least 10 percent.

As you look to get food for your pet, it is worth noting that not all diets will be ideal for the different pet species. On that note, it is advisable that you consult a vet to get advice on a diet that best suits your pet species. Remember that proper nutrition is mandatory for a healthy, active and happy pet. You should take it upon you to ensure that your pet feeds on the right kind of food. Also, make sure that you do not make the cat food storage mistakes for your lovely pet

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