Pet Training Tips Every Pet Owner Need To Know

Getting a pet is great news until you have to get him or her to behave better. When it comes to training a pet, pet owners do not understand that a pet requires a lot of time, sometimes beyond the scheduled sessions. Training sessions aren’t the only time you have to train your dog. Every time you are interacting with your pet, they get to learn something. Here are some of the ultimate tips for training your dog in 2020:

Establish yourself as the leader

Before any other thing, ensure you establish yourself as the leader. Every time you are trying to communicate to your pet for the first time regarding training, they need to be mindful that you are the one in charge. This way, every time they wander off, they can come back to attend to you, because they respect you. Remember, your goal should be 100%, which means the animal should respect you a great deal. 

Train Your Dog to Swim

While this tip is not for every pet owner as some pets will have hydrophobia and would hate water. For those who own dogs that love swimming it can be really fun. Try in shallow water initially and gradually move to deeper water levels. It would be even better if you can make them wear a small size life jacket, that would not only make swimming a fun activity for them but safe too.

Motivate your pet

Everyone loves a little motivation to get by from one point to another. Similarly, animals require a stimulant that motivates them to act better than they are. As you train them, identify some great items that mean a lot to your pet. For example, pick out their favorite toy, in that after following particular instructions, they can play with it. Figure out some food treats, along with affection, say, belly rubs, praising words, among others. Motivate them by selecting right and comforting grooming products for your pet.

Don’t let your pet bite or scratch you

Every animal has a defense response mechanism. If you allow them to attack you at any point of the day, you are encouraging behavior that they may pick up as a habit. This one may be pretty hard to break once started. The danger, however, is that you are losing control of the training as the leader, giving them a mandate to disobey and disrespect you.

Know when to withhold rewards

Don’t get too caught up in rewarding your pet. If the treats you introduce to them are a motivation for their obedience, do not let them have it if they do something wrong. The thing is, pets are like children. If you let them think that they can still get rewards and treats without behaving well, they will not feel the need to. For the motivation, make sure that they never them know what’s coming until you’re pleased with their obedience.

Don’t allow them dominance

Other than letting them attack you, never allow a pet, more so, a dog, lean on you while you are sitting down or standing up. Mot pet owners mistake this as a sign of affection from their pets. However, it is a sign that they are taking dominance. If especially, you are concerned with a very well-cultured and disciplined pet, do not be lenient as they intrude into your space.

Using dog training apps

It is amazing how much technology has done for our lives. In 2019, you do not have to do things manually any longer – not with various training apps available, some of them, Dog Clicker Training, Puppy Coach 101, Dogo, to mention a few. Use the apps to help you get by different training techniques while checking on your pet’s activity even in your absence.


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