Tips for Grooming a Dog at Home

Dog Grooming

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. While grooming might sound obvious, how to go about it when dealing with dogs might not be too obvious. Do not despair. Below are dog grooming tips that will help you with keeping your dog clean.

Bathe your dog

The first step towards proper dog grooming is bathing him first. This will make the entire grooming process even more comfortable for you. Note that if the coat has all the dirt and grime, it will be difficult for you to achieve a clean and effortless cut. There is something else that you probably didn’t know: bathing your dog before grooming him will extend the life of your grooming tools. 

More so, no one wants to groom a dog with fleas and lots of dirt. It only makes things tougher as the far is softer when clean.

Brush or comb through the fur

Once the coat is clear of dirt, you can brush through it to get rid of matted hair. Again, this is to ensure that the procedure that follows is comfortable. Still, this too provides that the motors of your clippers are not overworked. It is also vital that matted hair hurts the dog. Care to brush through it gently while you are at it. 

For this step, you should also ensure that you work with the right brush. How? Well, as you may have noticed, different dogs have different coats. Consequently, not all brushes work for all types of coats. If your dog has long hair, a short toothed comb might not be the best pick. On the other hand, a straight comb will not be ideal for a short-haired dog.

Groom the paws too

People tend to forget that the paws need some cleaning also. For the long-haired dogs especially, the paws need attention. Hair tends to grow between his paws and needs to be taken care of. Is it essential to cut or trim the hair in the paws? Well, yes. Note that the hair can pick seeds and other tiny objects as he walks. Also, your dog could have an accident due to slippage. 

Cleaning the paws might not be the easiest thing to do as most dogs get stubborn when their toes are touched. For this, you can use the good old trick to keep your dog calm: give him treats.

Trim the nails

Grooming is not yet complete if you have not clipped the nails. On top of it is a tip for having a neat dog and an effective way of protecting your expensive floors. Dogs have a liking for digging their nails into almost everything they come across. It is also uncomfortable for them to walk with the claws as the floor tends to push them back making it painful for them.

Just like you love to bathe and free of filth, dogs want that too. You, therefore, need to devote time to grooming your dog. Choose the best grooming product for excellent results. The four simple tips above will help you make your dog be the best groomed in the room.

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