Unique Mixed Breed Dogs to Look Out For

Are you thinking about getting yourself a mixed breed pup? There is something about adopting a cross-breed. Well, it must be the surprise that these canines come with. For instance, it is usually hard to predict how the puppy will turn out to be, especially when it comes to its size. They also come with many other unique characteristics, that is the coat color and eye color to mention a few.

While you might not be too familiar with all the traits of the cross-bred dogs, the following are mixed breeds worth looking out for.

1. Cheagle

A Cheagle is a Chihuahua and Beagle hybrid. Well, the dog has borrowed traits from both breeds. It is known to be very energetic, bubbly and gentle at the same time. What of the size? The Cheagle picked more of this from the Chihuahua: it is a small dog.

2.  Boxador

If you have a liking for the big dogs, the Boxador would be a perfect pick. Boxador is a Labrador and Boxer hybrid. The beauty of a Boxador is that despite it being a big dog, it is amicable and loyal. With this breed, you should expect some serious exercise and fun-filled playtime.

3. Golden Shepherd

Well, as the name suggests, you must be almost guessing that this breed has a lot to do with the German Shepherd. The guess is very educated. Indeed, the dog is a German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever hybrid. The Golden Shepherd picks the best trains from both breeds. With that, you get yourself a whole package of an active pooch, intelligent, easy-going and gentle. The beauty of it is that the dog picks the body of a German Shepherd.

4. Chug

If you are looking for a loyal and playful pooch that will give you the best companionship, then you are in the right place. The Chug is a Pug and Chihuahua hybrid. With this pup, you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, for this dog to be friendly in later years, you need to teach him to socialize early enough.

5. Shichi

It seems like the Chihuahua has a lot in store for you when it comes to cross-breeds. A Shichi is yet another Chihuahua cross-breed with a Shih Tzu. What are the outstanding characteristics of this breed? It tends to have a shrill and sharp back. Also, it is a tiny dog that is fun-loving and fearless. However, its delicate nature calls for it being handled gently. 

6. Labsky

If you are a lover of the Labradors, here is one of their breeds that you could explore. The Labsky is a Labrador and the Siberian Husky hybrid. Having picked the best traits from both parties, this makes the perfect mixed-breed to have back at home. If you are the pet parent that enjoys teaching his pup new tricks and having a good time with him, then this is the ideal breed for you. 

A Labsky is one of the most hardworking and smartest cross-breeds, this trait makes it a fast learner, and you will enjoy teaching him a couple of fun tricks. On top of being protective and loyal, the breed makes the best swimming companion too!

7. Rottador

A Rottador makes the best watchdog of all the crossbreeds. A Rottador is the product of a Labrador and Rottweiler. With proper training, the breed makes the most obedient and sociable pet. It also loves the attention of his parents and is more likely to suffer separation anxiety. Nevertheless, you can always expect the Rottador to shower you with all the affection you need!

If you are looking to parent a mixed-breed pooch, the hybrids above are the perfect ones to start with.

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