Small Dog Breeds For Ideal Dog Parenting

small dog breed

As much as all dogs are adorable, not all will give you the best pet parenting experience. Some dogs love to be dominant while others are more gentle and obedient. if you are wondering that what are the small dog breeds to own? Then these are the perfect ones to babysit. If you are looking for the ideal dog parenting experience, the following are small dog breeds that you should parent.

1. Poodle

When you talk about the poodle, you are talking about tons of affection, charm, delight, and everything nice. This fluffy dog is one of the smartest, physically active and energetic dogs. What does that mean? The fact that it is bright and physically active, it will give you an easier time teaching him all the fun tricks.

Their generous fur makes them the preferred breeds for the women. With a poodle, you are in for the best companionship and fun time.

2. The French Bulldog 

If you are looking for a muscular dog with a soft coat and a sense of calm, then the French bulldog will be the best companion. It is especially perfect for folk fighting anxiety. They are naturally affectionate as they look for companionship with the parent. It is, however, important to note that they need a little more affection during the cold seasons as their coats are not as thick.

3. Chihuahua

Why is the Chihuahua in this list? Well, there is no better up to give you comfort and positive energy. The fact that they are small in size, you can carry them around: this makes them extremely affectionate. On top of that, Chihuahuas are really obedient and also easy to groom.

4.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Do you consider yourself a clean freak? Well, you might have just the perfect time with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Why? The dog has a soft and velvet-like coat that smells great around the clock. It is a dog that you can comfortably carry on your lap without having to worry about the smell it leaves behind. 

More so, it is a do that you can travel without having to worry about crates. Its aggression level is at zero. More so, they are smart and sensitive.

5. Pug

What is the fuss about pugs? Well, one thing is for sure: it is called for. The beauty of having a pug is that it is not limited to age groups, both the young and old. Pugs are also very gentle and patient, something that makes them the best companions. If you usually have your lows, pugs are good at lifting your spirits. 

Additionally, you should expect no trouble or any form of aggression in social settings as the pugs are very social and love to be around people. They are a smart and silly breed at the same time. With this breed, you are in for a relaxed and happy time as they are also low maintenance. 

With the breeds above, you are bound to get the most out of pet therapy. If you are a new pet parent then read these pet training tips

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